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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

California EDD is pathetic, but Obama cares about us!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be writing a story praising a government official... at least not a liberal one, but here it is!

A friend of mine told me a story yesterday (no, this isn't an imaginary friend) and said he wanted the people to know his story, but he wanted to remain anonymous.

So let's call my friend Bill.

Bill has worked hard all his life, and in 2009 was laid off.  Bill would be considered a senior (by age standards) but still is a handful of years from retirement age.

When Bill was laid off, he filed for unemployment benefits but was denied his claim.  According to Bill, the EDD, Employment Development Department, (a bunch of dolts who get paid a big fat salary to shuffle papers around and hold people's benefits up) said that Bill had not returned a response to one of their inquiries in a timely fashion, and because of his delayed response (due to the U.S. Post Office's poor service) the EDD continued denying Bill's claim while Bill continued sending in biweekly claim forms.

After battling with EDD for more than three months, Bill called the late Honorable Senator Dave Cox.  A case worker on Cox's staff ruffled some feathers at EDD and suddenly, over $3,000 worth of back unemployment checks appeared in Bill's mailbox.

Bill continued working part-time temporary jobs and looking for full time employment, and he continued sending in claim forms.  All was well until just after Christmas.

That is when Bill stopped receiving his benefit checks, but much to his surprise, he received correspondence from EDD accusing him of fraud and claimed that he had been overpaid more than $5,000.  Well, Bill had 20 days to appeal two separate charges of fraudulent claims, and so he scambled to the two employers that had supplied him with temporary work for the past year to get earnings statements from them and submit his appeal.

Although the benefit checks had stopped coming, contradictory information regarding Bill's claim was being sent to him by EDD almost daily.

Finally, Bill got fed up, and that's when he wrote a letter to President Obama.

Now, I am quite certain that the White House receives thousands of letters each day, but it was obvious to Bill that within a week his letter had been read and struck a chord with the Obama Administration.

Bill received calls from two different agencies and the EDD wanting to know what was wrong and what they could do to remedy the situation, citing that they were contacted by the U.S. Department of Labor who had serious concerns about Bill's situation.

So, even though I cannot agree with the President on some most of his policies, I am willing to say "Hail to the Chief" for what he has done for Bill!

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