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"If it dies, it's biology; if it blows up, it's chemistry;

if it doesn't work, it's physics!" - John Wilkes

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I had an epiphany!

Last night, about 3:00 a.m., I awoke and had the strangest thought, and then I realized it was an epiphany! You know, I wrote the other day about skeptics and their tactics used to try and discredit Christian believers.

Well, I mentioned this guy named Rob Smith aka "latsot" and how he has said this and that in emails and in comments and I don't understand why he keeps harassing me, claiming to call my employer, etc., etc., etc.

Guess what? Rob Smith aka "latsot" doesn't even exist!!! He is just a fictional character that I made up because I needed somebody to hold me accountable!

How do I know he doesn't exist or how can I prove he doesn't exist? Well that's quite easy. I have never seen the guy, don't know whether that is his real name or the one I just made up. I don't know what he does, or where he lives, or his phone number, the color of his hair, the sound of his voice... NOTHING! I know nothing, because I made him up, and if you tell me you know who he is, I will say, you can't prove it by me... you have to show him to me!

Those are the same words skeptics like this "fictional" character Rob Smith aka "latsot" use when I tell them that I know God exists!

You see, the difference is this:
1. I see God every morning and night!
2. I talk to God every day and night!
3. He speaks to me often!
4. I hear His voice and He hears mine!
5. I know precisely where He lives and what He does!
6. God authored a best selling book, the Bible. And if I walked down my little cozy neighborhood street, I would guess that more than half of my neighbors know Him and own His best seller!

I emailed my little imaginary friend Rob Smith aka "latsot" and told him to buy my book if he wanted to know more about me. You know what he said? Send me a copy and I will read it and write an honest review.

Guess what? That's right... he didn't give me an address to send it, because he doesn't have an address - he lives in my head - Rob Smith aka "latsot" is just a little crutch I have conjured up in my head to give me company.

I bet he is P.O.ed at me, because now he knows, that I can turn my back on him and forget about him! So long Rob Smith... you were fun for a while but now I am tired of you!


  1. Oh Professor Dendy...shame on you.

    If you plan to send me a copy of your book I will send you my address, obviously.

    Why would I send you my address until you'd agreed to send me the book?

    I'm not annoyed with you, Dendy. I'm amazed that you are so much of a liar, but that's all. All I want is for you to be honest. You don't seem to understand the concept.

    You flail at windmills and delete comments that don't agree with your idiotic points. You pretend you want debate, but you don't. You have deleted countless comments and you'll delete this one too. If not immediately, then eventually.

    I've offered to debate you and I offer it again. I offer to review your book as a scientist - and I promise to be as objective as I can - if you'd like to send it to me. Tell me that you will and I'll give you an address.

    But how about you stop deleting my comments? It is just so pathetic and childish.

  2. >1. I see God every morning and night!

    What is the colour of his hair?

  3. Funny you asked that question... who told you He had hair?

  4. What did god say to you the last time he spoke to you? What were his actual words? You hear his voice every day, right? So what were the last words he spoke to you? I can't wait to hear the astonishing things the creator of the universe had to say. Surely it must be the most profound and wonderful thing that could ever be said. It must be so amazing that I would immediately give up my atheism and devote my life to the lord our god. Right? I mean, this *is* the creator of the universe, right?

    What was it he said to you? And don't fob me off: I want to hear his actual words, since you stated explicitly that he speaks to you every day.

  5. Yes He is the Creator of the universe, and yes I did explicitly state that He speaks to me everyday. Today, he said to me, "Mark, don't worry about a thing... do My will, stay focused on Me and I will take care of you!"

  6. So did you hear a voice in your head that said those words? I have to say I'm kind of disappointed. I would expect the creator of the universe to have more impressive things to say than exactly the sort of self-congratulatory comforting nonsense that a person might tell himself.

    How do you know that the voice was god's, by the way? Did he tell you he was? Fair enough, god wouldn't lie, would he?

  7. Actually he referred to Himself as my Father!