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Monday, April 26, 2010

I am amazed at...

how we as humans believe that we must be measured by our achievements.

What makes me more important than my neighbor or my colleague or my cousin? Why do we go around like cocks with our chests all puffed up and our tail feathers flying high when we accomplish something?

Short and simple answer to that is PRIDE! What we fail to recognize is that without Him, we are nothing!

That's right, I said it and I will say it again and again and again!

Without Him we are nothing! Of course the Him I am referring to is the God of creation.

For man to even think that he can do anything without God is a fallacy. The world has fallen for Satan deceptive lies that we don't need God.

This one is for the skeptics out there... "Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?" - Matthew 6:27

God is awesome... just trust Him and everything will fall into place!


  1. God is awesome...FAIL!
    God is a falsehood created by feeble minded little men who needed a way to take and keep power, control women, devalue those who look different or think different, justify their homophobic self-fear, retain their lands and justify their own existence.
    Repent, you have a brain, use it!

  2. It appears I touched a nerve in angry little Rupert... let's see if he takes me up on my request to join me and the group "Love thy neighbor as thyself!" My bet is that he will not... my guess is Rupert is too self-centered!

  3. 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' you say. Hm, let's see.
    I donate about 10% of my income to charitable organizations both nationally and internationally (as long as they are non-religious, I won't have my gifts tainted by fantasy based agendas).
    I offer discount to pensioners in my shop and even do some things for free (I am far from wealthy believe me!) even if they are religious. Does that make me a hypocrite?
    I love my neighbors who are or may be homosexual.
    I love my neighbors even if they choose termination as the least worst pregnancy scenario for them.
    I love my neighbor even if their relationship isn't sanctified by a church.
    I love my neighbor no matter which land they originate from or the color of their skin.
    I love my neighbor even if they are a fantasizing god-botherer as long as they don't hound me with their glassy-eyed intellectual incoherence.
    How about you, how many of your neighbors do you love?

  4. I love all my neighbors... so you didn't join hands with me in my endeavor did you? I knew I could have bet the farm on it!

  5. you could have bet half a dozen farms on it! I'm not joining any group based on religion, no matter how worthy. As I said above, I support many worthy causes not associated with religion. Why don't you join my group? We do as much good as we can not in the name of god/s.
    All your neighbors? Really? And you believe in god and the bible?
    That makes you a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, child-killer - IF you accept that the scriptures are true.
    So, are you a selective hypocrite or do you love somewhat fewer of your neighbors than I do?

  6. You have jumped to judge me my little friend! And you are the hypocritical liar, because in no way is the group I asked you to join religious!

  7. I sorry... I forgot to mention my little Aussie friend from down under, I love you too! And no, I don't believe in god and the bible... I believe in God and the B-I-B-L-E! 'cause that's the Book for me!

  8. labels - atheists, belief, creation, education, faith, God, prayer, psychology, PZ Myers, religion, skeptic, skeptics

    what's that then

    and the link you provided went to a place where it talked about jesus etc

    and which bits of your bible do you select to follow and which do you not?

    so who's the hypocritical liar?

  9. Do you really have something to say or are you just sick of your "pathetic" situation? Because I care about you and there is absolutely nothing that I can do to make you a better person... that is entirely your choice!

  10. Perhaps a person who attends various events where they sign their own book might be considered prideful.

  11. It could be. Even if I was giving them away, it might be considered prideful. In my case, who do you suggest sign it? Should I offer to sign the book you authored instead?

  12. I have no suggestions. I was just pointing out possibly prideful actions. Speaking of which: "Should I offer to sign the book you authored instead?" It sounds almost as though you want to be measured by your achievements.

    You're a prideful one, Mr Dendy.

  13. yes, I do have something to say, are you not understanding the words?
    the group you asked me to join IS founded on religion and I don't require that base to think of others and to be charitable
    you claim to believe in the B-I-B-L-E! but can't explain why you cherry-pick aspects of it to suit you personal circumstances, prejudices and morals.
    and my situation would be 'pathetic' in comparison why?
    If people choose to buy your book and wish for you to sign it, then that is your gift to them. I see nothing overtly prideful in it. The book is tosh of course though.

  14. I do not know where you get that I "cherry pick" the Bible, because, i make every effort to live by the entire Living Word of God. And I don't know where you get that my book is "tosh" when you haven't read it. That is your prerogative of course to say that.

    Isn't that like me daughter saying she hates tomatoes but has yet to try one?

  15. I see you post articles on Sundays, tut tut. And according to your bible, you cannot love some of the neighbors that I described earlier. So do you live by the entire living word of god or not? Make up your mind.
    And I have so not read your bible that I won a state championship for recitation of it back in 1969.
    So it's like your daughter saying she hates tomatoes after trying them raw, sauteed, diced, fried, mixed etc. etc. etc. And if your daughter were to give you a mouthful of cheek sometime you would.....(insert relevant biblical reference)?

  16. You make no sense... you say my book is tosh... are you talking about My book, The Cascade Effect, or the Living Word of God? You certainly haven't read my book so my comparison to saying my daughter doesn't like tomatoes yet she has never tried them is on target!

    More importantly, I do post articles on Sunday as well as do other work on Sunday... what's your point?

    Lastly and most importantly, I can love everyone, because I follow Biblical principles... the Bible instructs no one to hate another. In fact, the second greatest command is to love thy neighbor as thyself!

    Now the bible also instructs us to despise sin!

  17. sorry, poor prose. I meant your bible. I have not read The Cascade Effect.

    Your bible includes things such as not working on Sundays, killing your child if they give you lip, all that sort of thing. Actually it also gets quite contradictory about a few things too.

    'Now the bible also instructs us to despise sin!' - so, you can't love your non-married neighbors, your gay neighbors, your neighbor who had a termination.
    See, I can 'love thy neighbor' more than you can 'cos I don't have those restrictions, so why would I accept you invitation. It would limit me!

  18. See you are interpreting things all wrong. The Bible instructs me to abhor and abstain from sin i.e. stealing, lying, coveting, killing, homosexuality, etc.

    Those are not my neighbor, they are acts that my neighbor may or may not take pleasure in. I can still love my neighbor... even the guy that bashed the window out of my truck and stole my briefcase after church two Sundays ago. I can love him... yes, hard as it may be, but do I relish what he did? No, I want him arrested and my goods returned and for him to turn from that type of behavior!

  19. ah, interpretation. Sounds like yours might be at least a little rational. Unfortunately there are many, many believers who display significantly less rationality when it comes to what 'the good book' tells them.

    I still can't accept your invitation though as it was linked to jesus etc. I will however, allow that your 'love they neighbor' may well be of equal value to mine.

    Let's both do good for others. Mine will include designing a new range of condom wrappers, would you like a sample if they proceed?

  20. I am up for that... doing good for others! As far as your offer to sample new condom wrappers, I have no need.

    If you read my book, there was certainly a time when I would have taken you up on that offer. Now, I am quite happily married and choose to be true to God and my wife!

    Care to read my book? It's available on amazon for a special rate!

  21. what, no new posts or responses?
    Been a bit busy in the church confessional seeking redemption for your lies and misrepresentations have you?
    Careful you don't get interferred with!