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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wow... why didn't I think of that?

What do you think? Government assisted suicide! We could even open up government subsidized suicide clinics!

And since the atheists/evolutionists have no purpose in life... i.e. you're born, you live, you die, end of story... they could shorten their misery, and I would support that!

Heck, think about it... if a kid makes it past the abortion process, maybe he, she, or in the case of a sexual identity crisis, "it" could just go into a suicide clinic and... well, you know... end of story!

Of course, we wouldn't want kids doing that without being the age of consent, which is, according to liberals, what... about 5 or 6?

But better yet, until they reach the age of consent, parents without a conscious (conscious - an attribute bestowed upon those who believe in God) could just "off" their kids if they, anytime after their children are born, decide to "abort" the process of child rearing!

My guess is, you could probably buy your congressman's vote to introduce new tax legislation that would provide a tax credit equal to or greater than the deduction you would get for a dependent.

What do you think liberals?


  1. So your point is that people who tend to be liberal of politics are necessarily child abusers? That is a rather wild claim, don't you think? Especially given what we know about catholics and their systematic raping of children.

  2. I think you'd call me a liberal although I don't identify as one. It is a peculiarly American epithet and only becomes an accusation at the hands of Americans.

    Everyone else on the planet tends toward the idea that not being a complete dick might be a good thing. As much as I admire americans, their apparent predilection toward meaningless labels is bewildering, unhelpful, boring and stupid. We British are hardly immune to that ourselves, but perhaps we have the virtue that we can recognise it as a fault rather than (apparently) a virtue.