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"If it dies, it's biology; if it blows up, it's chemistry;

if it doesn't work, it's physics!" - John Wilkes

As quoted from grafitti on a bathroom wall.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We can certainly thank God for evolution!

If the theory of evolution were indeed a fact (I know for a fact that it is not… it’s just a theory and not even a good one!) then generations from now the God fearing, Holy Spirit baptized, Bible believing people would certainly be able to thank God… because the homosexuals and lesbians will have died off… after all they say they are born that way, and those genes will certainly be weeded out in a hurry! The pro-choice… uh, no… the pro-abortion… uh, no… the baby killers, (that’s it!) will have died off, well basically because of the same reason the homos will be gone… self-exorcism from the gene pool! And I think that would pretty much do away with the godless!

But that's not God's plan, now is it?.. His plan is much better, He gives the godless a chance!

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