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Thursday, February 11, 2010

These atheists/evolutionists are absolutely brilliant?!?

Here is an exchange between some atheists/evolutionists regarding teaching evolution to preschoolers...

1st moron: "I'm in over my head with my 4 year old, and could use some help from biologists. Last night at dinner, I mentioned off-hand that our parrot is an extremely distant relative of the t-rex represented in chicken nugget form on my daughter's plate. At which point I was bombarded with questions that my high school biology education could not answer. (Especially since my teacher back then was very fond of the "gaps" in the fossil record. Bah.) I made a lame attempt to explain how living things change over time, and then promptly ended the discussion pending a trip to the library. But, our library doesn't have much available. The stuff they do have is aimed at an older, more sophisticated audience. Can anybody recommend resources for teaching some basic evolutionary concepts to little kids?"

2nd moron: "I second that."

3rd moron: "I can't think of a resource, a book directed that that age that can explain this idea. In fact, I think 4 is too young to grasp this idea. Still, if you wanted to try again, maybe it's time for a trip to the closest natural history museum?"

4th moron: "This sounds like a fantastic idea for a series of books. Play the game the theists play. Books for different ages, say, 5, 8, 11... and so on."

Need I explain? I can't... I've got an infarction in my medulla oblongata!


  1. I know... they are only three evolutionists pictured above!

  2. I don't understand what point you're making.