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Saturday, February 20, 2010

PZ Myers sounds like a pacifist!

Myers fits in well with playing the nice guy.... but if he does not agree with you... he will NOT just have a casual conversation with you.

He will banish from the Pharyngula website and then when questions are put directly to him, he will not leave a comment where the question is posted, but rather goes back to his own site (the one of course where the adversary has been banned) and he posts his response there...

The guy is a real joke... take him serious and you are definitely bound to "go to Hell!"


  1. Really? This comes from someone who has turned off comments on his site? PZ doesn't delete comments as you have. He's not scared of criticism as you are. He bans people from his site occasionally because they are dull idiots who have nothing to contribute, not because they challenge his ideas.

    That - right there - is the major difference between you and PZ. There are many other differences we could go into. The publication record you keep dodging would be a good start.

  2. PZ is perfectly open about the teaching and the research he does. You, Professor Dendy, are not. You do everything you possibly can to hide whatever it is you actually do, all the time lambasting people for hiding their identity, which is a perfectly sensible precaution. As a computer scientist, I applaud caution when it comes to security and privacy. As a scientist in general I despise your policy of trying to control people's responses to your views.

    Why would you do that?

    If you have some stones to throw, try not to do it from within a glass house.