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"If it dies, it's biology; if it blows up, it's chemistry;

if it doesn't work, it's physics!" - John Wilkes

As quoted from grafitti on a bathroom wall.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Explain it to me again?

Now how is it that the characteristics of life are:

* Living things are made of cells.
* Living things obtain and use energy.
* Living things grow and develop.
* Living things reproduce.
* Living things respond to their environment.
* Living things adapt to their environment.

And wasn't it Virchow that said "every cell comes from other cells."?

So Professor Myers, would you please explain to me one more time how life spontaneously generated and why we don't see it happen today?

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  1. Do you actually want someone to answer this question? Or are you going to delete comments as usual?