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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ask any atheists if they aren't self-centered...

and you will get a resounding NO! Yet all their actions indicate that they are.

Take for example, their view on homosexuality. They say that what does it matter as long as it is two consenting adults having sex. They'll say it doesn't affect me, but it does. How you ask?

AIDS was unknown prior to rampant homosexuality, but quickly the HIV virus spread to the heterosexual population because of "self-centered" heterosexuals, or maybe I should call them bisexuals, that had sex with homosexuals and who spread the virus.

Abortion is yet another self-centered behavior supported by atheists who seem to think it is quite alright to have sex whenever and with whomever, and if one has the "misfortune" to get pregnant, well it's easy... just get an abortion!

Do you think that getting an abortion affects on the person getting it. We can set aside the innocent life that will never take a breath, but what about friends and family... aren't they impacted by the decision to abort a child? Absolutely!

Don't let the atheists fool you... they aren't looking out for you... believe me, they are self-centered and if they say they're not... that just another lie you've been told!

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  1. > AIDS was unknown prior to rampant
    > homosexuality