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"If it dies, it's biology; if it blows up, it's chemistry;

if it doesn't work, it's physics!" - John Wilkes

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Where do these "free-thinkers" up with this stuff?

I continue to be amazed and amused with atheists' commentaries on how the universe began! They OBVIOUSLY don't know... do they?

Take this commentary, "The universe was an accident."

I would classify this commentator under the category "Most likely had a lobotomy."

Comparing creation of the universe to making a fruit smoothie?

Well, first off,to make a fruit smoothie, you need the components plus a blender, none of which man can make out of NOTHING!

Just like the "Big Bang" or whatever theory you want to propose this week about how the universe came about, there had to have been something to form into a universe... you can't make SOMETHING out of NOTHING!...

Unless, of course, you are the supernatural God... that is, of course, how simple and fundamental the making of the universe was, but... I also know that is far too complex for an atheist to understand!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

PZ Myers sounds like a pacifist!

Myers fits in well with playing the nice guy.... but if he does not agree with you... he will NOT just have a casual conversation with you.

He will banish from the Pharyngula website and then when questions are put directly to him, he will not leave a comment where the question is posted, but rather goes back to his own site (the one of course where the adversary has been banned) and he posts his response there...

The guy is a real joke... take him serious and you are definitely bound to "go to Hell!"

Ignorance must be bliss!

When I watch President Obama as he speaks, I am constantly reminded of the old saying "ignorance is bliss!"

He is always smiling as if he just scored a three-pointer or he just scored with his girl... even when he says the dumbest things!

Take for example.. How could our Commander-in Chief not know that the correct pronunciation of kawr-muhn and not corpse man?

That must have been a real confidence builder for our men and women in the field fighting and protecting our great country!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama administration recognizes George W. Bush

We've just heard that the Obama Administration will be honoring the 43rd President of the United States by naming the gap between the tectonic plates beneath Haiti after him.
The area will now officially be referred to as "Bush's Fault."

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred on January 12, 2010, at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with major impact to the region and its citizens. This perspective view of the pre-quake topography of the area clearly shows the fault that is apparently responsible for the earthquake as a prominent linear landform immediately adjacent to the city. Collapse

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pretty funny...

Wow... why didn't I think of that?

What do you think? Government assisted suicide! We could even open up government subsidized suicide clinics!

And since the atheists/evolutionists have no purpose in life... i.e. you're born, you live, you die, end of story... they could shorten their misery, and I would support that!

Heck, think about it... if a kid makes it past the abortion process, maybe he, she, or in the case of a sexual identity crisis, "it" could just go into a suicide clinic and... well, you know... end of story!

Of course, we wouldn't want kids doing that without being the age of consent, which is, according to liberals, what... about 5 or 6?

But better yet, until they reach the age of consent, parents without a conscious (conscious - an attribute bestowed upon those who believe in God) could just "off" their kids if they, anytime after their children are born, decide to "abort" the process of child rearing!

My guess is, you could probably buy your congressman's vote to introduce new tax legislation that would provide a tax credit equal to or greater than the deduction you would get for a dependent.

What do you think liberals?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's your purpose?

Atheists, sadly, want everyone to believe that their purpose in life is... well, let me see... what's the best way to describe it?

Oh, that's right... there is no purpose!

non niente
아무 것도
لا شيء

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's a beautiful morning!

It is after midnight on Monday morning here on the California Coast, and I am quite confident that right about now, the atheists, evolutionists, the homosexuals and lesbians, the non-theists, loads of Americans, Brits, Aussies, and people from all over the world are upset with me and making claims that I am a not a professor nor a biologist, some will be quoting the Bible, claiming that I am a liar… let’s see, I believe it’s Exodus 20:16 or thereabouts about bearing false witness…

They will be saying that I have deleted their comments, etc, etc, etc. My guess is there are a dozen or so that have left not one or two comments on any one post, but perhaps dozens of comments per post. I will also predict that they are fuming, claiming that I am avoiding all this… that I just post and post with no substance, and then ignore their comments that (they think) are full of substance.

Well, the fact of the matter is… I left Sacramento Friday evening, February 12th to go to the coast with my lovely wife with no children, pets, phones, or internet… and that the posts that have gone up since then were prepared ahead of time and scheduled to post at various times throughout the four days we are gone (You can figure that one out on your own… doesn’t take a lot of internet savy!)

I will be home Monday evening, February 15th, but probably will not be able to address comments until later Tuesday, and of course, that depends on how many are awaiting moderation. Until then… have a great day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Explain it to me again?

Now how is it that the characteristics of life are:

* Living things are made of cells.
* Living things obtain and use energy.
* Living things grow and develop.
* Living things reproduce.
* Living things respond to their environment.
* Living things adapt to their environment.

And wasn't it Virchow that said "every cell comes from other cells."?

So Professor Myers, would you please explain to me one more time how life spontaneously generated and why we don't see it happen today?

Happy Valentine's Day!

... to all the heterosexual couples... what a beautiful day to share with the love of your life! A Sunday, at that! The Lord's day! How cool is that... imagine couples, men and women, and families, all around the world enjoying this day!

How old is the universe really?

Scientists can really tell, eh?

“At a particular instant roughly 15 billion years ago, all the matter and energy we can observe, concentrated in a region smaller than a dime, began to expand and cool at an incredibly rapid rate. By the time the temperature had dropped to 100 million times that of the sun's core, the forces of nature assumed their present properties, and the elementary particles known as quarks roamed freely in a sea of energy. When the universe had expanded an additional 1,000 times, all the matter we can measure filled a region the size of the solar system.” Scientific American 1994

Cornell University reports this: ” Scientists say that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old while the universe is somewhere from 10 to 20 billion years old…The 15-20 billion year number comes not from the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background), but rather predominantly from measurements of nearby and distant galaxies, particularly their rates of expansion away from us”

The difference between 10 and 20 billion years is 10,000 million.

I am sure PZ Myers with his God given intellectual abilities and all his scientific evidence can tell us… how old, exactly, is the universe give or take a couple thousand million years, Mr. Myers?

Friday, February 12, 2010

The things atheists don't want you to know!

Do you know what Sir Arthur Keith, protege of Charles Darwin, and writer of the foreword of the 100th edition of Darwin's The Origin of Species had to say about evolution?

He said...
"Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable."

Now, what say ye, PZ Myers?


Some more brilliance from the pharyngula site from which I am forbidden to enter...

Posted by: Knockgoats | February 11, 2010 6:11 PM

a mild degree of hedonism called "Take Back Sunday"-- It goes like this. Sunday is awesome when you don't believe in God. - Antiochus Epiphanes

That's real wisdom there, AE. Thinking about it, that's what started me on the road to atheism as a nipper - being pissed off at having to waste Sunday morning at Sunday School. Mind you, I think getting us 4 kids out of the way was a bit of hedonism for my parents!

And you call that wisdom? Really?

I call it... stupid is... as stupid does!

Try this for wisdom:

Proverbs 12:26

The righteous is more excellent than his neighbour: but the way of the wicked seduceth them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The gospel according to PZ Myers!

Nobody is a scientist, unless PZ Myers himself says they're a scientist!

I think it is quite amusing that PZ gets his panties all in a bunch and rails on Dr. Mullis, who received his doctorate in biochemistry from UC Berkley, one of the US schools lauded by evolutionists and atheists alike (if there is a difference)!

Where does PZ, graduate of University of frigging backwoods Oregon get off on saying Dr. Mullis is no scientist?

This is PZ speaking of Dr. Kary Mullis, a Nobel Prize recipient in chemistry for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction in 1993...

Posted by: PZ Myers Author Profile Page | February 11, 2010 11:13 AM

"Read his book. He doesn't understand science at all, yet here he is pontificating on the nature of science."

Since you banished me from the Pharyngula site, Mr. PZ Myers...

Do you wonder how I am perusing the Pharyngula site, and doing it with, as Limbaugh would say, "half my brain tied behind my back!"?

Well, it certainly helps to have a direct line to the "big Guy in the sky" as you call Him!

These atheists/evolutionists are absolutely brilliant?!?

Here is an exchange between some atheists/evolutionists regarding teaching evolution to preschoolers...

1st moron: "I'm in over my head with my 4 year old, and could use some help from biologists. Last night at dinner, I mentioned off-hand that our parrot is an extremely distant relative of the t-rex represented in chicken nugget form on my daughter's plate. At which point I was bombarded with questions that my high school biology education could not answer. (Especially since my teacher back then was very fond of the "gaps" in the fossil record. Bah.) I made a lame attempt to explain how living things change over time, and then promptly ended the discussion pending a trip to the library. But, our library doesn't have much available. The stuff they do have is aimed at an older, more sophisticated audience. Can anybody recommend resources for teaching some basic evolutionary concepts to little kids?"

2nd moron: "I second that."

3rd moron: "I can't think of a resource, a book directed that that age that can explain this idea. In fact, I think 4 is too young to grasp this idea. Still, if you wanted to try again, maybe it's time for a trip to the closest natural history museum?"

4th moron: "This sounds like a fantastic idea for a series of books. Play the game the theists play. Books for different ages, say, 5, 8, 11... and so on."

Need I explain? I can't... I've got an infarction in my medulla oblongata!

What's wrong with that?

A little pandering to the liberal left... Just trying some of their tactics... like let's see, rude name calling, vulgar, inflammatory behavior, what else?... what are some of their other tactics?... calling people that have faith in God, delusionary idjits, morons, retarded...

and then the attacks on people they have never met, know nothing about, know nothing of their roots, their reasoning (of course, according to liberals, if you think conservative then you are incapable of reason), of and last but not least, oh too common "equality" speech.

We are all created equal in the eyes of God some evolutionary force!

Let's see... their attacks are absolutely brilliant as was the attack on Sarah Palin by our so adept or dare I say Obama's brilliant press secretary Robert Gibbs!

Hey liberals... Gibbs is such a "free thinker" maybe you should put him in the Oval office next "go round".

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isn't it funny?

How atheists can claim to be "free thinkers" and "love everybody"... until, of course... someone disagrees with them!

Then of course... well, if you remember the movie the Exorcist, the scene where Linda Blair's head spins around ... get the picture?

All of a sudden you are scorned, labeled a racist, classified as mentally retarded, and dubbed a hatemonger.

So my question is what happened to their ideas of free thinking?... I guess they mean free to think like they do!

And for the love everybody... I get that... they love everybody that thinks, and acts like they do...

If you don't fit their mold though ... then as they say at the dog races... all bets are off!

Who would you rather have by your side ladies? (No dudes, please!)

Who would you rather have by your side ladies? Guys can check out the ladies here!

Nerd of the Redhead? (above) ............ or ................................. Professor Dendy?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You're gonna love this!

Needs no explanation... 'cept maybe for Nerd, Janine, and definitely the Rev. BDC!

We can certainly thank God for evolution!

If the theory of evolution were indeed a fact (I know for a fact that it is not… it’s just a theory and not even a good one!) then generations from now the God fearing, Holy Spirit baptized, Bible believing people would certainly be able to thank God… because the homosexuals and lesbians will have died off… after all they say they are born that way, and those genes will certainly be weeded out in a hurry! The pro-choice… uh, no… the pro-abortion… uh, no… the baby killers, (that’s it!) will have died off, well basically because of the same reason the homos will be gone… self-exorcism from the gene pool! And I think that would pretty much do away with the godless!

But that's not God's plan, now is it?.. His plan is much better, He gives the godless a chance!