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"If it dies, it's biology; if it blows up, it's chemistry;

if it doesn't work, it's physics!" - John Wilkes

As quoted from grafitti on a bathroom wall.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

You may have heard it said…

"I am going to beat the living tar out of you!" or, "I'm going to beat the living crap out of you!" or yet a more popular version, "I'm going to beat the living sh*t out of you!" I am sure that we have all heard one version or another of this favorite parental quip, and if you have kids, these very words, or a similar version, may have spewed from your mouth… these words certainly do not tend to dribble out!

My point in mentioning this exclamatory statement is to point out the flaw or fallacy in the words chosen from a biologist view. You see biologists study "living" things, and I have yet to see a piece of living "tar". Granted, tar comes from decomposed living matter, but that decomposed matter has been dead for quite some time!

Now, we could debate the fact that "crap" or "sh*t" is living, because, as a matter of fact, fecal matter is composed of lot of "living" organisms, like bacteria, fungus, even worms (disgusting, isn't it?)

The purpose of this literary dribble is to point out that some of the thoughts we (self included) express in literary terms are senseless and illogical.

You are probably thinking that this brief essay that I lay claim to is senseless and illogical, but please don't beat the living "whatever" out of me for having authored it. Instead…

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P.S. – In case someone beats the crap out of you, when you gain consciousness you might want to compare your stool to the "Bristol Stool Chart" I have provided for your reference.

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