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Monday, January 18, 2010

What the “godless” fail to realize!

I wandered into a den of “godless” folks tonight who lambasted me all over the place. I questioned why a professor was going around spreading his mendacious statements rather than going to Haiti and telling those people that there is no God!
And boy, was it a den of lions! I found myself being labeled a “troll”, an “idiot”, a “bigot”, a "christofascist”, peppered with numerous profanities in between.
When I told them about my miraculous life having been given only three years to live by a team of doctors 27 years ago, I was told that I shouldn’t believe what the doctor’s say anyway. And that I do not have the “will” to question my own doctors.
Funny thing is, the tests that I have liver scans, and blood tests, MRIs, and all seem to be (and I would think the scientists would agree with me) are pretty good indicators of a disease that was described back in 1912 and even though is rare can be detected by these same tests. Believe me, I still have the genetic disorder, but it is under control, of course, by the grace of God!
The godless will tell you there is no God and that we descended from who knows what… but I am here to tell you, that’s a lie you’ve been told. God does exist!!!


  1. Evidence Fail: That's a anecdote peppered with lousy reasoning. It's not evidence of anything but your own delusions.

  2. You're a liar. You went on PZ's blog claiming that he's done nothing to help the situation in Haiti and that he spreads hateful venom. Don't you know lying is a sin. Hypocrite.

  3. Why don't you post a link to your post on Pharyngula so people can see what you wrote and what others wrote in response? That would seem the honest thing to do.

    There, fixrd.

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  6. Professor, interesting how you responded to this and not to anything else.

    I'm still waiting for you to show me your peer reviewed publications and for you to answer my various questions. A proper biologist shouldn't find it too difficult, so why haven't you put me right?

    You *are* a proper professor, aren't you? You have a proper PhD, right? And you have earned your position by writing dozens of proper peer-reviewed papers in proper scientific journals, right?

    So why won't you give details?

  7. Hey latsot... I posted the below comment on your blog. Obviously it has no readers (you must not even read it or you would have known that I addressed many of your flaming remarks!)

    Interesting to see that someone that hides behind a computer screen i.e. doesn't even have a profile or identify himself/herself/itself with a name or what he or she or it does, can slander me so much.

    To Latsot or "whoever" you are and his/her/its readers (if there are any... funny, I think this is the only comment posted on his/her/its blog)I am a Professor of Biology with an earned graduate degree from the University of Maryland.

    I am a marine biologist and although contrary to what Latsot thinks "You know he's a biologist because he seems to begin every other sentence with 'as a biologist....' He also never fails to identify himself as a professor," I mention biologist and professor fewer than a dozen times in over 20,000 words in roughly 70 posts.

    Much of my writing, currently in three blogs, I write for humor, as in the case of "The Biggest Argument Against Evolution." That was meant to be funny, not meant to be literal. I have big guns when it comes to being literal!

    BTW, I have only two duplicate posts on my blogs... and all the material is original. I am not a puppet... you can make whatever you want out of my last statement. Thank you for sharing the worldwideweb space with me Latsot!

  8. Professor Dendy, you didn't address *any* of my points about evolution. You are deflecting the argument. Again.

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