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Thursday, January 21, 2010

They say you’re a…

Racist if you didn’t vote for Obama or you don’t support his agenda. Well take a look at this article from the “Sacramento Bee” – a liberal newspaper.

Obama's approval rating slips in State again. To sum up the article, Obama’s approval rating has dropped from 65 % last March to a current 56 %.

Now if we use the Liberal left’s logic (kind of a tongue twister, isn’t it?) that if you don’t approve of Obama and what he is doing to this country, you are a racist, then as of yesterday, 44 % of Californians are racists or there were 9 % more racists in California than there was a year ago.

Look at it however you wish, but “You’re a racist if you don’t support Obama” is just another Liberal lie you’ve been told!

Better get on the ball California Liberals and close them borders down!


  1. Uhhh, no. You're only racist for not liking Obama if your reason for not liking him is his skin color or his funny name. Obama's numbers are slipping because LIBERALS are unhappy with his PERFORMANCE.

    Being as dumb and reactionary as you really should be more painful.

  2. Can you explain exactly who (other than you) claims that anyone who doesn't support Obama is racist? Are you sure you haven't invented this charge and made it into a strawman?

    By the way, this post makes no sense at all, you might want to edit it.