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Sunday, January 24, 2010

They say they anti-religious... are they?

They say they are anti-god, anti-religion… but I say they are just like a bunch of fundamentalists at a Holy Roller tent revival. Who am I talking about? The Pharyngulites, a sub-cult that seems to be growing out of the Atheism movement. What do they practice? Pharyngulism.

I stumbled into this groups’ “temple” apparently and listened to them preaching and teaching about how the Christians weren’t helping Haiti and that there is no God, and I simply asked their god or prophet or cult leader why he was going to California to preach his pharyngulism to groups of students who already didn’t believe in God when he could probably get more followers preaching to the people of Haiti.

Anyhow, back to their similarities to “Holly Rollers” – their worship is pretty intense! As I observed from the fringes of their “sanctuary”, they constantly shouted F you and F this and F that… I guess the “F” word equates to an “amen” or a “praise” at a pentecostal service.

I am not sure about the hierarchy of this cult, but one thing is for sure, PZ Myers is the grand leader, messiah, or some great something! Most of the worshipers have funny names like animal names or Greek gods or goddesses. There is a Rev. Big Dumb Chimp… I bet he is important!

You know, funny thing is, they all hide behind masks, so no one knows who they really are… I mean they don’t have profiles or anything like that, I guess because they are afraid of persecution. They don't have a sense of humor either!

Even though I haven’t observed this, my guess is they are all asexual, because why would anyone want to bring someone into a world where there is no purpose or hope, or even worse, why would they want to introduce a genetically novel being into their midst that might not agree with their “beliefs.”

Another thing that I am not quite sure of is whether they have sacraments. I believe that scat could be a sacrament, because they talked about poop a lot, and a couple of times when the room was full I would hear them mention something “that’s a bunch of poop”, only they used the “S” word.

If you stop by and visit their “house of worship” don’t cross them or desecrate their “sanctuary”… they will try and cast the demons out of you with their F u shouts and chants! (By the way, like I said earlier, they are intense because they are open 24/7 with the “pharyngulating” going on all the time.)

You can really get caught up in their intense worship, but let me warn you… when they mention passing out the kool aid, get the heck out of there!

Don't understand that last statement? Here's a hint – James Warren “Jim” Jones… need another? – Jonestown, Guyana.

This is Professor Dendy reporting from outside of the PZ Myer’s Pharyngula Compound!

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