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Friday, January 22, 2010

More government wasteful spending - Isn't life grand?

Another prime example of why we don’t need government running our healthcare, our businesses, or our lives is illustrated in today’s “Sacramento Bee.” The Bee reported in the "UC rewards 38 hospital executives" story that the University of California regents approved $3.1 million in performance based bonuses!

Let’s see, if divided evenly among the 38 execs, that would figure out to about $81,575 per person. Of course, these fat bonuses weren’t spread evenly, in fact, it was reported that one bonus was a meager $30,120… the fatest bonus was $218,728.

Wonder what type of performance rated them worthy of such ludicrous bonuses – spending the tax payers’ money?

I bet those execs are saying “Isn’t life grand!”

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