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Monday, January 25, 2010


What happens when a Pharyngulite is exposed for their faulty thinking? (I am using the term "thinking" very loosely)

Nothing! They have no comment... cannot admit that they are wrong... they sit in silence! That is what happened today when I exposed Pigmy Loris (an outspoken Pharyngulite) when Loris made the statement, “A human culture that consumes only raw foods… is unsustainable,” as if it were factual!

Loris has yet to respond, nor have any of the other Pharyngulites yet they all want to discount my beliefs and say that they only make claims that can be supported with physical evidence.

Hey Loris... "may be" and "possibility" and "have not been investigated in detail but may include" and "appears to have been" aren't the choice words to use when you are claiming something as fact!

What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Or are you just a dolt?


  1. > Loris has yet to respond, nor have any of
    > the other Pharyngulites

    But that's just a plain lie, isn't it, Professor? I responded and you didn't publish my comment.

    This is a fairly breathtaking accusation anyway, since *you* haven't responded to criticisms of your statements about evolution. Doesn't it work both ways?

    Besides, your original 'point' about Loris wasn't really worth answering: it was that the paper cited used some speculative language, which you found risible despite the fact that the language was entirely appropriate. This just revealed that you don't know a thing about science and undermined your claims to be a biologist.

    And now in this post, you're lying again. As far as I can tell from your original post, Loris never claimed anything as a fact. He said there was "good evidence" that humans need to eat some cooked food. I don't see where he claims this as a fact and you didn't explicitly make that accusation in the first post.

    Now you may argue with his evidence by all means, but childish crowing about his failure to respond to a barely coherent non-criticism on your blog is a little pathetic. You need to show that the evidence described in that paper is incorrect and you have not done this.

    It's not even clear that Loris knows about your posts and even if he does, nobody could blame him in the least for not responding, since it clearly wouldn't be worth his time.

    Trying to shout someone down isn't science, Professor. You'd think a biologist would know that.

  2. Latsot... could you please repost your comment to this thread? It was in my Junk e-mail and when I moved it to a folder to moderate it apparently went into a "black hole." Thanks!

  3. Well Latsot... you must have read the first comment saying that your comment was in my junk e-mail, and I did post your comment once I you resubmitted it and I was able to.

    Why wouldn't I post your comment? You have been polite and respectful.Yet you must think like the rest of the Pharyngulites!

    What do I mean by that? Well, you say in your comment "As far as I can tell from your original post, Loris never claimed anything as a fact. He said there was 'good evidence' that humans need to eat some cooked food."

    Go back and read the original post... it has not been modified! Loris said, as I quoted directly from his comment on Pharyngula in my original post and I quote once again to refresh your memory - “A human culture that consumes only raw foods… is unsustainable.”
    Now Latsot... come on! Are you saying that that "claim" is not stated in the sense that it is a fact?

    Yet you turn around and say that my claim that "There is a God" is simply a lie, and I have no evidence.

    Isn’t “A human culture that consumes only raw foods… is unsustainable.” and "There is a God" both claims where "is" is the operative word?

    Yet you seem to so casually reject my evidence that points out that Loris's claim must be false, since early man had not learned to control fire for, let's see, cooking! Well, that is according to other scientists!

    Oh, wait! I see!... you only accept evidence that supports your claims or Loris's or other Atheists... if it refutes them, then it must not be evidence... just made up lies by Creationists... no?

  4. Dendy, you know perfectly well that I did not resubmit my comment.

  5. Actually, NO, I did not know that you did not resubmit your post... I tried to move your original comment from my "Junk e-mail" folder to a folder where I could open it and publish it. Your e-mail containing the comment, disappeared and wasn't in the folder I moved it to nor was it in the junk folder.

    Two hours later, I go back to my computer and there is a NEW email from you in the junk folder. I posted THAT comment.

    And besides, why else would you say in the second posting of the original comment, "I responded and you didn't publish my comment." Can you explain that?

    Maybe God had something to do with it... :)

  6. Dendy, I'm done with you. I was optimist enough to believe that you were just ignorant, but it turns out that you are a liar too. I have made a number of comments that you haven't posted - I don't know why - and you haven't responded to any criticsms on your view of evolution, while at the same time trying to score points by (falsely) accusing others of the same thing.

    This is all entirely your prerogative, of course, but it is deeply dishonest behaviour and I have no desire to converse with a dishonest man.

    Your claim to be a biologist is entirely bewildering, since you don't seem to have even the slightest idea of how science is done and are entirely ignorant of evolution (or dishonest about it). I don't particularly doubt your qualifications or job title, but given the childishness of your arguments, I rather doubt that you are a research scientist and I sincerely hope that you do not teach.

    Finally, professor, I urge you to drop your pathetic little crusade against Pharyngula. We get it: you didn't like what you saw there. Your disappointment is noted. Now move along. I don't think your holy war is doing much good for your mental state and I hope you find some peace before you start actually foaming.

    Either way, I won't be feeding your ego any more. So long, Professor Dendy.