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Friday, January 22, 2010

Creation, Intelligent Design, Evolution, what is the truth?

This is a very interesting question and I have been repeatedly attacked for my values and beliefs in Creation and the Bible. In other words, I am a Christian, and frankly, many don’t like it! If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” John 15:18.

I have never stated that Creation is a fact; I believe in the Bible and the Bible’s account of Creation through faith! Anything that I accept through faith is mine… likewise, anything you accept through faith is yours. No evidence need be presented in that case.

Now if I were going around “touting” creation as fact, then I must provide evidence to support my claim. What constitutes “evidence?” Well, the Bible is my “evidence” on which my faith is based, but I am not throwing it at you and saying this is evidence for you.

Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. Most Evolutionists claim that evolution is a “fact!” In California high school biology and life science books, it states in highlighted, bold print, “Evolution is a fact.” Now I might ask the authors of those “scholarly” books, where is the evidence? And they would spew off all kinds of “facts” or “empirical data???”

Scientific evidence is based on observation. Now, I will not argue the point that “micro-evolution” occurs. A prime example is antibiotic resistance development in bacteria. But name one scientist that has observed “macro-evolution” on the grand scale that evolutionists claim and please point me to his or her observation records.

You can throw the “fact” that the earth is billions of years old away based on the same argument that you use to refute God and the Bible – the tests used to date the earth are designed and made by man!

Scientists aren’t infallible, and apparently, many scientists aren’t very ethical either!

In an article “Scientists behaving badly,” Nature (2005), authors Martinson, Anderson, and de Vries suggest that “U.S scientists engage in a range of behaviours extending far beyond fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism that can damage the integrity of science.”

Also, in a Science (2005) article, "Forbidden Knowledge," Kempner, Perlis, and Merz stated that "Although science is shaped by formal regulations and policies, most constraints described by respondents are informal or self-imposed, reflecting social, political, and cultural pressures on what is studied, how studies are performed, how data are interpreted, and how results are disseminated."

As I stated earlier, I’ve never stated Creation is fact, but it is my belief. Evolutionists on the other hand state that Evolution is a fact… however, that “fact” has yet to be proven!

You say that Yahweh doesn’t exist… I say prove that he doesn’t!

Evolution is not a fact! That's just another lie you've been told!

Note: Both journals Nature and Science are peer-reviewed!


  1. Interesting that my comment has vanished.

  2. "You say that Yahweh doesn’t exist… I say prove that he doesn’t!"

    Philosophy 101 fail.

    You are the affirmative. You have the burden of proof. Until you provide proof logically we must assume Yahweh doesn't exist.

    That is unless you want to be illogical, in which case I feel bad for your "students" as you claim to be an "educator."

  3. Notice that once again the *cough* professor has not said *one single thing* about biology.

    Carry on being hilarious, professor dendy.

  4. I'm getting some odd responses when I post to this blog. I attempted to reply to this post. Perhaps it is in moderation, perhaps it got lost. Professor Dendy, could you let me know whether you receieved my post?


  5. What a fantastic surprise. Neither of my replies to this post were published. I wonder why. Things I posted afterward were published, so perhaps there was a bug in blogger that prevented my post from appearing.

    My replies were respectful and profanity-free, so a software problem is the only explanation that doesn't involve censorship.

  6. No lasot... you're comment didn't vanish. You see, you come in here accusing me of deleting your comments, when in FACT, it is YOU that posted the comment to "The number one liberal lie!" apparently not where you wanted it to go.
    So, I guess my friend, you haven't evolved to the perfect organism you were hoping!

  7. Some of my comments have most certainly vanished. I wasn't accusing you of deleting them, just pointing out that it seems suspicious, which it does. If you say you haven't deleted them, I believe you.

    You still haven't actually replied to any of my points. You still haven't demonstrated that you have the slightest understanding of evolution.

  8. I apologize that I misinterpreted your statement that they had "vanished". Certainly you can understand that I interpreted it as an implication that I had deleted them.

  9. Sure. And in the meantime, you still haven't answered any of the points.